God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 4 -

The Dissolution of the Original Guilt of All People

Through the fact that on the cross of Golgotha in the streams of MY JESUS-BLOOD, which at My incarnation through the pure innocence of MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE MARIA had redeemingly absorbed all guilt of the fallen spirit of My heavens and purified through My walk on earth poured into the earth of your star of redemption, thus dissolving your original sin, this last and highest phase of mercy was finished and I THE LORD could with the words "It is accomplished!" leave MY JESUS-REDEMPTION-EARTH-BODY in the POWER OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, WHO has all power over life and death eternally and in this final phase of MY MERCY for the human race proved to be THE POWER OF ETERNAL LIFE!
So it had been possible at that moment to resurrect MY JESUS-BODY, without guilt, completely pure in MY HOLY SPIRIT, without further ado together with MY SPIRIT, to take it, so to speak, as a pure vessel into My heavens; but in the fact that I THE LORD only called My earthly body to ME on the third day after the crucifixion and rose again in the GLORY OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, returning to MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LIFE after My earthly walk and greatest SACRIFICE OF ETERNAL LOVE, lay the fulfillment of the promise that I THE LORD would build a new temple in three days when the old one had been torn down!
The old temple was torn down because the original sin of My children was blotted out and the covenant between Me and My people Israel, who did not want to recognize Me, ceased to exist!
THE NEW TEMPLE was established by THE REDEEMING SACRIFICE OF ETERNAL LOVE, by ME, THE LORD OF ETERNAL LOVE, into whom everyone can enter through pure LOVE and who himself establishes this TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT in his heart!