God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The Fourth Commandment for True, Sanctified Marriage

THE FOURTH COMMANDMENT of the divinely aligned order for true, sanctified marriage according to MY HOLY WILL.
For without the law of MY ORDER, which works and maintains everywhere, nothing can exist in the long run, nor can it develop higher and further, and so LOVE cannot be lived without WISDOM, nor without THE HOLY WILL, nor without THE HOLY ORDER!
The main principle of MY HOLY ORDER for true, sanctified marriage, which is clearly evident to you people of this earth, is evident from the beginning of your human race, at the beginning of which I THE LORD placed
a human couple
a married couple
of one flesh, of one soul and of one spirit, who, by looking up and obeying ME through true marriage, were not only to reunite in the flesh, one soul and one spirit, but through obedience to ME were also to become a parable of MY HOLY TRINITY by including ME, THE CREATOR, in the holy, unifying communion of marriage, in order to be able to partake of MY INEXHAUSTIBLE GRACE in its fullness!
The Former Paradise of True Marriage
This was to be paradise on earth, carrying out the holy principle of creation of MY TRINITY in the earthly, in order thereby to make amends in the simplest way for the former apostasy from My heavens; for through obedience, which is THE LOVE OF ALL LOVE and which fulfills MY ALONE HOLY AND PERFECTION WILL, the paradisiacal marriage of the first human couple would have become the beginning of holy, redeeming marriages in the succession of the whole human race! The marriages of the human children would have become redemptive marriages in a perpetual paradise on earth - heaven on earth; having ME, THEIR GOD, CREATOR AND HEAVENLY FATHER, always present, in these heavenly marriages the self-will characteristics that caused the fall of the spirits from My heavens would have been gradually dissolved in the most loving, effective and holy way. Paradise would have become a heavenly, perpetuating permanent state on earth and the earth as "star of redemption" would have quickly fulfilled its purpose of enabling and achieving the return of all fallen spirits to My heavens!
The Case of Disobedience of the First Human Couple and Its Consequences
But, as you know , the disobedience of the first human couple resulted in their self-inflicted expulsion from paradise, which was tantamount to the fact that GOD, THE ETERNALLY PERFECT, cannot begin a period of redemption with disobedient people, nor create a new humanity, so that the consequences of disobedience must be borne with all the consequences that follow! This is the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD, expressed in the RIGHTEOUSNESS LAW OF GUILT AND ATONEMENT, which must protect MY CREATION from a total fall into imperfection.
But no man can or may complain of suffering unjustly through the disobedient fall of the first human couple; for YOUR GOD AND CREATOR is holy, eternally holy through HIS ETERNAL PERFECTION, and unrighteousness is an attribute never to be found in perfection, not even in the tiniest breath!
But in the first man with free will the self-will characteristics were potentized, which once in My heavens caused the turning away from Me and the fall from My heavens, thus the self-will characteristics of all fallen spirits, of all fallen children of MY PATERNAL HEART, to whom you also belong, you who read this!
Thus, according to MY HOLY WILL, the first test of obedience approached the first man of this earth with a free will, to be in a paradise lowered to earth as an obedient human child in the community of life with the body, soul and spirit partner created from him, the woman, and to prove that THE GRACE OF LIFE is recognized in the constant looking up to ME and that MY HOLY WILL is obeyed in order to be able to become a partaker of MY ETERNAL LOVE!
You humans of this time now stand through this MY NEW BIBLE in the same EYE OF GRACE as Adam and Eve as the first human and married couple of this earth, namely now to prove whether you are serious about participating in a new humanity on this earth according to MY HOLY WILL or whether you also want to lose MY GRACE, which would mean falling prey to judgment.
But you have it easier than the first human couple; for I THE LORD have blotted out your original guilt of apostasy from My heavens for all of you through MY CHANGE OF EARTH IN JESUS CHRIST and MY DEATH OF CRUCIFIXION ON GOLGATHA, thus relieving you of the heaviest burden of debt, so that you only need to do one thing, namely, by following MY HOLY WILL, to dissolve your subsequent sins in a true, sanctified marriage and, through MY GRACE AND MERCY, to create for yourselves that paradise on earth from which the first human and married couple had to be expelled because of their disobedience!
MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH and this MY NEW BIBLE OF GRACE come to meet you as easily and as quickly as possible to reach this paradisiacal goal on earth.
And so begin with the true marriage, which is sanctified by ME, if these COMMANDMENTS OF MY LOVE AND MERCY are obeyed! I THE LORD have made you aware of the main principle of MY ORDER that the true, sanctified marriage can only be a one-marriage! Although this main principle is included in the legislation of the peoples who call themselves Christian, you know too well how it is in the practice of your married life; you are not even prepared to defend yourselves against the snares of My counterpole, which have already brought you so far to fall that the main principle of MY HOLY ORDER for the true, holy marriage is in danger of being completely dissolved by you people of this time: the one-marriage according to MY HOLY WILL!
From ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, everything has come forth in perfection and eternally everything that comes forth from ME or through ME will be perfect!
This eternal HOLY TRUTH applied to you humans and to your married life must tell you that the perfect order of marriage is only recognizable through ME, and that only I, GOD THE LORD, can reveal to you how marriage is just in MY PERFECTION.
Although I have already revealed many things to you in this NEW BIBLE that have never happened on earth in this clarity, I am doing one more thing to save you and lead you back into MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION.
That I THE LORD often call you humans "My children", yes, "CHILDREN OF MY LOVE", should already tell you clearly enough that I THE LORD created you, begot you! But through what, with whom?
I say to you: IN MY ETERNAL LOVE I, YOUR GOD, have begotten you! I also revealed to you that LOVE is MY ETERNAL PRIMORDIAL STATE, but that MY ETERNAL LOVE also has a PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE and that without this PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE no LOVE can be emanated from MY PATERNAL HEART from eternity to eternity.
So THE ETERNAL CREATION in MY CREATION is only possible through the absolute eternal Oneness of YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER with HIS HEART'S PRIMORDIAL PRINCIPLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, whereby it is recognizable for every awake human soul that YOUR ETERNAL HEAVENLY FATHER has His "feminine" principle resting and working IN HIM!
If I, GOD THE LORD - TO WHOM everything is possible because LOVE AND WISDOM IN ME are the most perfect unity - put forth MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE from ME for a certain purpose of creation outside of MYSELF, then I redeem with HIM and through HIM, WHO is MY MOST HOLY!
Know now that I, THE LORD AND CREATOR, in the very primordial beginning of My creation, through MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, brought forth spirits equal to ME - or to put it even more clearly - spirits equal to US, who - besides MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA - were created as PRIMORDIAL ARCHANGEL at the beginning of MY SPIRITUAL CREATION! Through this revelation, the corresponding old biblical word is also first illuminated for you, something that has hardly occurred to anyone familiar with the Bible.
These as MY MAIN POWERS in similar perfection of MYSELF emphasized primordial spirits are as PRIMORDIAL ARCHANGEL GROUND POLES OF MY WILL CHARACTERISTICS, MY CREATION thereby for all eternity, so to speak, founding.
But I THE LORD and ETERNAL HEAVENLY FATHER also wanted to be able to call CHILDREN MY OWN: CHILDREN OF MY ETERNAL LOVE, who out of their own free will out of LOVE for ME want to become EQUAL IMAGES OF MYSELF!
And so from ME and MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE children without number - CHILDREN OF OUR LOVE - stepped out into creation, all of them being ANGELS OF OUR ETERNAL LOVE! But all these CHILDREN OF OUR LOVE were to unfold through the truly working LOVE to the LIKE AND IMAGE OF MYSELF both to OUR JOY and to their joy! Thus the "masculine" principle of the LORD AND FATHER and the "feminine" principle of the eternally birthing PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE were given to them in equal measure, complementing each other! This meant that these HOLY CREATION PRINCIPLES eternally continue to enrich MY INFINITE CREATION. That this happened and happens eternally, only with the difference that it takes place in MY HEAVENLY KINGDOM OF THE ETERNAL SPIRIT in a different way than on your material earth, should be understandable to everyone.
But from this revelation you can also recognize that MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE is at the same time THE MOTHER IN ME, THE MOTHER OF GOD and through what I did in MY GRACE by placing MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE on your redemption earth for your home guidance into My heavens, is your MOTHER OF SALVATION in this time!
I THE LORD had to reveal all this to you as clearly as possible, so that you men, in this time of such a deep turning away from MY HOLY WILL, may recognize and fully grasp the true, holy meaning of your marriages.
So recognize that a true marriage can only be lived and sanctified as one marriage; yet not only according to the letter of the law, but eternally in the HOLY SPIRIT OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR AND HIS HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE!
For that which has already emerged from ME in My heavens as different in essence, i.e. as "male" and "female", and which is to unite to become the IMAGES OF MYSELF, is placed on your earth as "man and woman", and only in the HEALING of this UNIFICATION as One-Being flesh, as One-Being soul and as One-Being spirit can THE PERFECT IMAGE OF MYSELF be attained, never otherwise!
In each of you, you MY CHILDREN OF THE LOVE OF YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER FROM HIS HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, there is placed from My Heavens the will and the longing to accomplish this! Whoever is a stranger to these qualities, look up to ME especially often and with all your LOVE, asking ME to awaken this pure longing from My heavens and this holy will in him; for these heavenly qualities lie buried in him only for the most varied reasons. But in whom these qualities exceed the right measure, so that he is not able to control himself and goes astray from pure love or breaks the marriage entered into with good assurances after a short time, he should realize that he especially needs MY GRACE AND HELP in order to be redeemed from this state, and for such children of men this MY NEW BIBLE should truly become the daily bread!
Thus the true one-marriage in its holy consequence must become the high goal of your earthly existence, if it is to become LIGHT on your earth and a human race is to arise which is no longer compliant to My counterpole and its hell on earth! Even those peoples on this earth who have not yet even enshrined the principle of holy unity in law should now align themselves with this NEW BIBLE in everything.
In order for the one-marriage to be lived perfectly according to MY HOLY ORDER and to be sanctified in its entirety by ME, however, there is still much to be observed and fulfilled!
When, you young human children will ask, will the moment come that you can enter into marriage according to MY ORDER? I THE LORD have already said that you will be guided directly by ME if it is your aspiration to become a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT. So let yourselves be guided when you have entered into this holy striving! But also know in advance that it is contrary to MY ORDER to want to force a marriage without having created the self-evident prerequisites for securing your life's existence, which has now become necessary on this redemption earth. Although I said in human garb as JESUS CHRIST that you do not need to worry about tomorrow, this did not mean that you should lay your hands in your lap; for the spiritual meaning of this WORD OF JESUS must be grasped in depth, otherwise it would have contradicted the biblical word, that you should eat your bread by the sweat of your face.
And so you male souls, just like I THE LORD in My earthly walk, must learn a profession and practise it looking up to ME with all thoroughness and LOVE in order to be able to lead a truly blessed marriage, just as it must be a sacred concern for you female souls to learn all this in order to be able to be a caring mother and housewife in a marriage blessed by ME. If this happens, then you children of men truly need not worry anxiously about tomorrow; for then, but only then, I THE LORD will be at hand as THE ONE who guides you wisely, without you lacking anything that is necessary!
So also know that a marriage in slovenliness can never stand before MY HOLY COUNTENANCE and will never ever be blessed and led! But where the effort is recognizable to live righteously in everything according to MY ORDER, then the sources of MY GIFTS FROM MY INEXHAUSTIBLE WEALTH OF ETERNITY will also be opened to a just degree!
MY CHILDREN OF LOVE shall and will have whatever they need, if they follow ME in most ardent LOVE and fulfill MY HOLY PERFECTION WILL in everything!
So you can truly live without earthly worries if you only have one concern, to become perfect according to MY ORDER and according to MY HOLY WILL!
With regard to the uniting LOVE in the true, sanctified marriage, this means to lift up THE LOVE FOR ME IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE! And that means not indulging in the lust of the body, but sanctifying marital LOVE itself through the senses purified by ME! A TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT is to be built in the true marriage - as already taught - according to MY HOLY WILL!
I THE LORD already said to you men's souls at the beginning of this chapter through MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE:
The Sanctification of Marriage
Holy is your sexual seed and should only be placed in a vessel ready to kneel with you before ME, THE LORD IN MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA, and pray and ask for MY HOLY BLESSING for your union in true, pure LOVE!
Verily, I add, this is essential to sanctify marriage and fulfill its perfect meaning and purpose!
So kneel praying before ME, THE LORD IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, before every union, that I may put into your hearts and minds that which is righteous before ME, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS, so that you do not fall into the satanic and your union in the right measure of pure LOVE becomes a true fusion of the heavenly qualities, whereby, looking up to ME IN MY ETERNAL PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF LOVE, that which must be redeemed and lifted into MY LIGHT OF PERFECTION is redeemed, so that you can become a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT!
So the fruit of your pure LOVE, which only generates itself, will become a truly blessed one, in which nothing is begotten that is lower aspects of only sensual instinctual satisfaction, and a soul can be given to this pure fruit of your sanctified LOVE, which longs for a flight of fancy and can truly become a true CHILD OF MY ETERNAL LOVE through your pure, sanctified LOVE!
Remember, CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, that you create the conditions for the bestowal of MY BLESSING yourselves through your thoughts and actions! I, GOD THE LORD, THE ETERNALLY PERFECT, am incorruptible! Just as there is no back door or side door into MY HEAVEN through which one could slip in, so there is nothing, absolutely nothing, say I THE LORD, to obtain MY HOLY BLESSING in any other way than only through the fulfillment of MY HOLY WILL; there is no hiding of the soul from ME to veil its real thoughts, nor can ceremonies move ME to give MY HOLY BLESSING to anyone or anything without obedience to MY HOLY WORD, nor do procedures of religious fanatics cause ME to override THE ETERNAL HOLY LAWS OF MY BLESSING!
MY HOLY BLESSING will only be shared by those who live THE LOVE OF ALL LOVE or at least try to live it with all seriousness as it is possible for them on the basis of their current maturity!
Always bear this in mind, CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, especially in marriage, if it is to be blessed and sanctified!
But MY BLESSING flows to you in abundance if you live out THE LOVE OF ALL LOVE, THE OBEDIENCE, and thus the pure, holy LOVE in your marriages!
So unite only after a deeply humble common prayer in looking up to ME IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE! Call upon ME IN THE QUEEN OF LOVE to be with you IN MY HOLY SPIRIT, so that all your thoughts may be purified and sanctified; for did I not already say through MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA that the procreating seed is sacred, and thus the mystery of procreation is not only sacred, but it is super-sacred?
Let no one now say that he unites with his chosen partner without the holy will to procreate! For then you are living the marriage for the sake of fornication!
For I THE LORD, YOUR CREATOR of all that is holy in you, say to you CHILDREN OF MY LOVE:
Even if you unite without the holy will to procreate a human child, your union must nevertheless be a holy, yes, most holy procreation! For know: In your union you can not only beget a body-fruit, but you can already testify to the heavenly purity of ETERNAL LOVE for all those who, through you, long for a life of testing and redemption in a new human garb in order to be able to ascend further to MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL PERFECTION! Also, through the purity of your thoughts blessed by ME, you can, in the holy union itself, blessingly witness the redeeming thoughts and powers for all that is indebted and bound in the fetters of My counterpole!
The Mystery of Two Procreative Systems in Man
For know what you do not yet know and cannot know, because I, GOD THE LORD, have never spoken to you CHILDREN OF MY LOVE on this truly holy subject as I have here through this MY NEW BIBLE:
There is not only one procreation system and mystery in man for the sake of human procreation, but there is another procreation system and mystery of the HOLY SPIRIT in man, whose purest, holiest seed rests in the heart of every man through MY HOLY SPARK OF GRACE, waiting not only for its awakening and unfolding, but also for its procreation!
For - thus I THE LORD have already revealed - THE HOLY SPIRIT OUT OF ME IS THE ALL-PERFORMING, THE ETERNALLY SUSTAINING, THE ETERNALLY CREATING AND THE ETERNALLY CONTINUING IN AND THROUGH LOVE! Thus I, THE CREATOR, can truly not be content with the fact that in the fallen, in matter, only that which is the material, the bodily shell of the spirit and the soul is procreated, but that what is also procreated with the highest intensity is that which is this ALL-PERFORMING, ETERNALLY PRESERVING, CREATING AND CONTINUING: THE HOLY SPIRIT!
Thus there is such a wonderful, mysterious system of procreation in you children of men for the HOLY SPIRIT, which you are not yet able to grasp and which transcends your sensory concepts; for you do not yet even grasp THE MIRACLE OF YOUR BODY AS A TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT! But that I reveal this to you is mercy for the sake of your salvation and your ascent, so that you may shudder - if you have not yet completely fallen into spiritual death - when you unite with your partner, with whom you are to become one body, one fused soul and one unified spirit according to MY HOLY WILL!
LOVE, only LOVE, purest, most humble, most ardent and most merciful JESUS-MARIA-LOVE is, however, the only procreative impulse for the procreation of MY HOLY SPIRIT OF GRACE in you!
So you will probably gradually understand in a quiet dawning of your soul awakening in MY HOLY SPIRIT why I THE LORD have commanded you - if you want to become MY TRUE CHILDREN OF LOVE - to pray in kneeling humility before ME, THE LORD IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, before you unite yourselves to the MOST HOLY, which is truly a supreme GRACE OF MY GIFTS OF GRACE, which you have so far so disregarded, distorted, often dragged into the depths and which only a very few have sensed as holy!
So let THE HOLY SPIRIT OF MY ETERNAL LOVE burn fervently in you and not the urge for the flesh of the perishable spiritual shell! If this is the case, then the carnal material of the human garb will also be sanctified, and the indwelling soul will be lifted up by the SPIRIT OF TRUE LOVE instead of being dragged down into the abysses of the materially perishable, which are the sting of death!
In this realization that in your union primarily THE SPIRIT SHOULD UNITE TO THE SPIRIT as THE TRUE LOVE, the union of a human couple is sanctified IN MY HOLY SPIRIT; the process of procreation is lifted into the pure spheres of MY HOLY SPIRIT and released from the dull instinctual life, and all the glories of MY HOLY SPIRIT can flow into the forming fruit of human life according to the degree of purity and holiness of the uniting couple, so that the fruit is no longer exclusively a bodily fruit, but a fruit of MY HOLY SPIRIT OF PERFECT LOVE!
This is THE ORDER OF MY HOLY WILL for all children of men who want to establish a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT in marriage with the aim of becoming IMAGES OF MYSELF!
In this HOLY ORDER the union of the couple is just and chaste before MY HOLY COUNTENANCE, whenever I THE LORD indicate it in the thus purified and sanctified Lords of My children who love each other justly and holily, who are then also true CHILDREN OF MY LOVE!
That this HOLY ORDER should and may not be subject to any kind of barriers is self-evident, and whoever sets them for himself violates MY ALONE HOLY WILL, which did not give you children of men marriage for the sake of fornication, but for the procreation of MY HOLY SPIRIT on earth in the CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, so that it may become LIGHT in all hearts and souls!
The Fruit of True Married Life, a Fruit of the HOLY SPIRIT
For it already becomes LIGHT in every soul when it begins to read this MY NEW BIBLE and to obey MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS; but it becomes even more LIGHT in every human soul when it turns its eyes with holy earnestness to the partner of its life on this earth, not to beget for the sake of sense fulfillment, but to beget for the sake of perfect LOVE in MY HOLY SPIRIT! Then THE LIGHT OF MY HOLY SPIRIT flows into the thus blessed fruit of the new incarnation with all the qualities of the heavenly, and little by little the souls bound to the flesh and matter are born again in MY HOLY SPIRIT!
How True Marriage is a TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT
Truly, then, these are the marriages that are made in heaven, by which is not meant an otherworldly heaven, but the heavenly state of true, perfect LOVE, which every married couple can attain if they strive to unite with ME, THE GOD AND CREATOR, WHOSE ETERNAL STATE IS "THE LOVE", as you have heard in this NEW BIBLE.
So strive for these heavenly marriages, which are perfectly righteous before ME THE LORD and which I will bless with MY GRACE in abundant measure; not only that they not only become fruitful for the sake of multiplication, but that they become fruitful through MY HOLY SPIRIT, so that they can give children to this human race from THE POWER OF MY HOLY SPIRIT with the qualities from MY ETERNAL PERFECTION!
And so then these true marriages as heavenly marriages fulfill THE HOLY WILL OF MY CREATION, that the people of this earth should become the Eternal Images of Myself!
The Devil's Carousel "Sex"
So turn away, you children of men, from the devil's carousel "sex" of My counterpole, which so confuses your senses and holy qualities that you already no longer know what your true destiny as a human being on this earth of redemption is and what is just before YOUR GOD AND CREATOR!
For you are and will not only be complicit in the misery of this humanity, say I THE LORD, but you bear the main blame for all the misery of this earth if you do not bring this devil's carousel to a standstill, which makes your senses race so that you are no longer powerful in your senses and most holy qualities and override MY LAWS OF HOLY ORDER for the procreating incarnation for the sake of its ascent!
But if you do not set yourselves apart from this devil's carousel, then I THE LORD must let the judgment come upon you as once upon a time to Hanoch and Sodom and Gomorrah!
You now have it in your hands to avert such judgment from you, since I THE LORD in MY MERCY AND LOVE give you this BIBLE OF GRACE, which now introduces you to everything that is not only to save you from this devil's carousel, but to lift you once and for all into THE LIGHT OF MY HEAVENS!
You can easily recognize what comes from the poison of the senses of this devil's carousel; you only need to go into the silence of your heart and call upon ME IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, then I THE LORD will let MY HOLY LIGHT flow into your senses so that you recognize in everything what comes from My counterpole and what comes from My heavens!
Never - not even with a breath - does anything come from MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION that binds you even more firmly to matter than was previously the case! With regard to your married life, nothing from GOD'S PERFECTION can ever move you to act in such a way that you fall deeper and deeper into the sinfulness of the flesh!
So sharpen your senses through MY HOLY JESUS-MARIA-LIGHT and thereby purify them to perfection! Thus, for example, you will recognize the deviousness of My counterpole in all "sexual education", in which everything is glorified that strengthens the fixation of the senses on unbridled desire and arbitrarily prevents the procreation process, without the eyes of the maturing human children being directed in the slightest towards MY DIVINE ORDER and the HOLINESS OF LIFE.
The Control of the Procreation Process by Human Arbitrariness and Its Indebtedness
Whoever teaches and propagates the desires of unrestrained sensual lust and calls it good to direct the procreation process of human life according to his own arbitrariness and wants to prevent the holy conception in the womb and, moreover, does business with this devil's carousel, is deeply indebted to MY HOLY COUNTENANCE and MY ETERNAL ORDER and will reap what will and must be the terrible reward for it!
Did not I THE LORD say at the beginning through MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE that great is the misery of those who have been defiled because of the greed of those who have sunk lower than the beast!
Since in every union, which is only aimed at self-gratification and lust, the finest streams of MY HOLY SPIRIT OF LOVE are switched off, the heavenly can never flow into these souls and MY HOLY BLESSING cannot become effective; for the instinctive is in the foreground of the souls, which unite only for the sake of lust and only live out what the unrestrained urge of the union instinct demands as a tribute in licentiousness. Truly, it would be better for such souls of desire and for the whole of humanity if they never fathered a body-fruit; but then these souls would remain eternally on this level, which is below the animal that lives in its own way according to MY ORDER. And so, as now through this NEW BIBLE, they must be given the opportunity to turn their gaze to ME and become free from mere sensual lust.
How terrible the effects of every life of instinct and desire between man and woman are, you see that around you; only see it with the right eye and do not fall into self-deceiving blindness and whitewashing; for whether it is the asylums or the cripple homes, whether it is criminality or whether it is subversive acts of violence or wars, everything is mainly due to the unbridled and unblessed instinctual life in disregard of MY HOLY ORDER! Such is the terrible misery of the souls who were born for this earthly life through the mere effect of instinct as truly poor souls, without true LOVE at conception, and who will still be born in this poverty of soul until the day when the devil's carousel of "sex" will come to a standstill!
The whole of mankind will suffer from the unblessed, mere life of instinct and even more than up to this hour will suffer the consequences of unrestraint, sensual lust, rape and the like; for in an act of union without looking up to ME, THE ETERNALLY PERFECT, it is not ME who is shaken hands with, but My counterpole and its hell, to which - as you see - almost the whole world is already subject!
In this time of alarm, this MY NEW BIBLE now appears as the only effective anchor of salvation for you children of men, as I so often emphasize for truly holy reasons; for you can still turn the helm of your free ship of life in order not to be completely torn into hell, but to be able to ascend to MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE! So do it, I THE LORD call out to you again!
The Sanctified and Blessed Union
For in the sanctified and blessed union of the partners merging in looking up to ME IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE the begotten human fruit is glowed through by MY BLESSING-FLUIDUM FROM MY HOLY SPIRIT and contains and unfolds in just measure all that which is THE PROPERTIES OF YOUR GOD Himself: LOVE, WISDOM, WILL, SINCERITY, ORDER, PATIENCE AND MERCY!
Great, exceeding great is the responsibility for you, MY CHILDREN OF LOVE, who are already walking by MY HOLY HAND and for all of you who are now awakened by this NEW BIBLE OF MY GRACE AND MERCY to follow ME too! Your responsibility is exceedingly great because you are called upon by the evil which this humanity itself has brought upon itself through the disregard of MY HOLY ORDER to go more than in normal periods of time into the whole mission, as I lay it here teaching and admonishing you to your hearts!
For it is precisely in the life sector of conjugal love that you must set the very best example! You must live the marriages as holy as they are once to be lived in MY NEW JERUSALEM on earth; but you must also take upon yourselves the greatest burdens of redemption in these marriages in order to help to lift sinful mankind out of the plague of My counterpole!
Nothing must prevent you from carrying along what I THE LORD impose on you through THE QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS, who herself, as MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, again took on the human garb, in order this time to redeem the heaviest blood guilt after MY CRUCIFIXION DEATH and MY RESURRECTION with MY ROCK and thus to wipe it out for all time and to bear your faults and weaknesses until you have, so to speak, taken flight to work on this earth as independent disciples of MY LOVE!
Those of you who are yet to be married and are ready to follow MY HOLY WILL will, through MY GUIDANCE AND GRACE, after a testing time for their sincerity and obedience to fulfill MY WILL, receive the true life partner and shall not only be witnesses of MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH in this time, but co-redeemers in this world of darkness and co-founders of the NEW JERUSALEM on earth!
Even those of you who are already in the midst of a married life can also become role models for all that has fallen in this world if, according to what has been revealed here, they have the will to align everything with these HOLY COMMANDMENTS.
The former of you have it easier to follow MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS with all sincerity and consistency, because they do not have to dissolve as many bound things as the others, provided they have not already sinned against MY HOLY ORDER. I THE LORD therefore urge you: be patient, look up to ME IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE without ceasing and work persistently on your maturation to perfection, and I will bless you and guide you most wonderfully!
When you have then been given the true partner of your present earthly life through MY GRACE, live THE LOVE in the completion of MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS, each truly complementing the other, carrying the other with his qualities, letting yourselves be shown in everything in daily kneeling prayer before ME, THE LORD IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, what is still to be discarded, still to be overcome and still to be changed. And so, in everything and especially in the holy union, let the desire to be one with MY HOLY SPIRIT in you prevail, so that the same can flood through you and fill you in the blessed procreation of new life for THE NEW JERUSALEM on earth!
The just restrictions in your holy union will be imposed on you by your will in looking up to ME IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE in such a way as is right for your maturing into IMAGES OF MYSELF before MY HOLY COUNTENANCE!
But I THE LORD give you another most important hint of MY LOVE AND GRACE:
Through your free will out of ME you are truly "the crown of My creation" and can and therefore should stand heaven-high above the animal kingdom in everything, whose urge to procreate is kept in just order by an inherent strictly directed periodicity. Yet your urge to replenish and procreate, which results from the ability to procreate, is not subject to the slightest control or restriction and is absolutely free! Only this freedom to control even your thoughts and your will, just as I THE LORD am the absolutely perfect freedom and therefore GOD, enables you, you MY CHILDREN OF LOVE, to rise above all other creatures and to become IMAGES OF MYSELF!
Therefore, through your free will, direct your urge to merge and procreate, which MY ETERNITY AND PERFECTION FORCES cause in you, to ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, and so you will then, whether man or woman, become free, perfect masters of your will.
This is what THE HOLY WORD contains in its entirety: "... and I will give you the crown of life!" And this "crown of life" is the perfect blessedness in everything, which is ready for everyone who denies himself and receives the BLESSING OF MY HOLY SPIRIT!
Your marriages, performed according to MY HOLY WILL, are the wonderful GIFT OF GRACE OF YOUR GOD AND LORD to be able to accomplish this! You will be blessed by ME in advance according to the measure of your will as soon as you strive for it with the deepest holy sincerity. And so rejoice as I THE LORD smooth your paths to the highest and lead you!
So it is clear before your eyes, CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, that true, holy marriage is not just a love problem in the short-sighted view of your world, but that a very deep sincerity is required to see a marriage correctly and that means to see it as it must be seen from the sense of creation! Thus for a true, sanctified marriage - even more than for all other areas of human life - it is essential to observe a further commandment. It is