God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The Order of the HOLY SEVEN PROPERTIES OF GOD and the Seven Primordial Spirits

Also I THE LORD would not be GOD, I would not be a HOLY TRINITY and nothing would live and exist if I MYSELF would not eternally be this HOLY ORDER; also MY HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH would neither exist nor have been lowered to earth in this time, if not in MY RECONCILIATION IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE with THE ROCK OF MY INFINITY- If this HOLY PRINCIPLE OF MY ORDER were an absolute reality and MY HOLY VOICE through MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA and MY ETERNAL ROCK PETRUS would not tirelessly instruct all My children of this earth in MY HOLY SEVEN PROPERTIES, especially now through this NEW BIBLE!
So in MY SPIRITUAL CREATION it had been essential to give MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA, in addition to the two ORIGINAL SPIRITS already two Primordial Spirits already assigned to MY FIRST SPIRIT SATANA according to the principle of MY TRINITY, seven more Primordial Spirits as to be assigned to MY HOLY SEVEN PROPERTIES, which are and will be eternal
If you now use the familiar term "PRIMORDIAL ARCHANGELS" for these seven PRIMORDIAL SPIRITS, the heavenly secret about them will already be somewhat revealed to you.
My own free decision through the HOLY FREE WILL of MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA was now to determine the further course of MY CREATION; for he decided, as you have already heard, in constant view of himself, for his own power and glory, interpreting it as his own omnipotence, without wanting to acknowledge ME, THE ETERNAL CREATOR, as THE FATHER OF ALL THAT IS! His self-love, the love for himself, finally filled his sphere of the Trinity bestowed on him by ME so strongly that the two PRIMORDIAL SPIRITS assigned to him also fell into this most dangerous love and were lost for MY PERFECTION OF CREATION; but not only that.
Since MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA and its two PRIMORDIAL SPIRITS, as a TRINITY newly formed for MY PERFECT CREATION, were given the ability of perpetual PRIMORDIAL CREATION, so that THE INFINITY OF MY CREATION might fill itself in never-ending glory with all the works of ETERNAL LOVE, an Infinity Sphere of self-glorifying self-love now began to form.
What was possible for ME, THE GOD OF ETERNAL LOVE AND ALL PERFECTION, IN MY WORKS OF ETERNAL LOVE, became possible for MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA in works of infinite self-love; for he was given the power for eternal works of creation from ME, THE ETERNAL, but which he used on the line of self-love, thus gradually forming a counterpole sphere to ME, which finally worked itself out into a counterpole creation!
I THE LORD did not stand idly by and watch this development of creation; by no means!
THE PRIMORDIAL SPIRITS OF MY SEVEN MAIN PROPERTIES had meanwhile recognized themselves in the decision of their free will as CHILDREN OF ETERNAL LOVE and decided to serve the ETERNAL LOVE IN PERFECTION and to follow THE FATHER, WHO gave them all power, strength and glory!
Since MY SEVEN MAIN PROPERTIES ARE THE FOUNDATION OF ETERNAL LIFE, nothing can ever exist for eternity apart from MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LIFE that separates itself from the ways of MY PERFECTION; it can only exist as long as MY LOVE, PATIENCE AND MERCY with an addition of MY LOVE, which is GRACE, allows it. And I THE LORD will always allow everything until everything has returned to ME, for which MY LOVE gives everything, even if a supreme sacrifice is necessary.